SCUA Services


Hull & Machinery department:

Experienced, skilled, technical and nautical surveyors provide the following services anywhere oa.:


- Arranging and conducting onboard investigations.
- Hull and machinery damage surveys including associated

  investigations and claims handling.
- Loss of hire surveys.
- Damage evaluations.
- Damage surveys of port and offshore installations.
- Assistance with -and preparation of tender specifications and
  repair  procedures.
- Settling of repair accounts.
- Investigating circumstances in collision cases.
- Angle of blow and speed assessment.
- Arranging salvage, supervising salvage operations and settling 

  salvage awards. 

- Towage studies and contracting.
- Handling general average cases.
- Handling liability claims and consequential legal aspects.
- Condition surveys.
- On/off-hire surveys.
- Limiting water and smoke damage to electronic and electric 

- Inspections of hatch cover tightness using ultrasonic equipment.



There is a close co-operation with surveyors, lawyers and other specialists, as circumstances may require.

P & I department:

Our offices carry out surveys and claims handling for

all kinds of P & I and FD&D cases, comprising the



- Cargo damage/shortage.
- Oil pollution.
- Pre loading surveys of ships and cargo.
- Lashing and securing of cargo.
- Assistance to Masters and owners on cargo

  operations and documentation, bill of lading issues

  and disputes.
- Charter party and other disputes.
- General average issues and adjusting.
- Stowaways.
- Personal injury/illness.
- Fines.
- Arrests.
- Recovery.
- Pre-entry and condition surveys.
- Inspections of hatch cover tightness by ultra-sonic

- Salvage sale of goods.
- Fuel quality disputes.